About Us

Windmill Hill is an Outstanding School!

Windmill Hill Primary School has been serving the Windmill Hill area of Runcorn since it was built in 1978. In the early years it was very much a local community school serving just residents from the local Windmill Hill estate, today however, we have children from all over the new town area of Runcorn. This is due to the excellent reputation our school has earned over the years, specifically since our first “Outstanding” Ofsted report in 2006. We have maintained an exceptionally high standard of education since then, receiving another “Outstanding” Ofsted report again in our latest inspection in 2013. Our consecutive “Outstanding” Ofsted reports are testament to the hard work and devotion that everyone associated with the school has towards the children.

One of our main focuses at Windmill Hill is each pupils’ enjoyment of school, we strive to provide children with a safe and friendly environment where learning is fun.

“Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent and contribute exceptionally well to their outstanding achievement. Pupils are friendly, polite and thoughtful. They cooperate well, show kindness to each other and play safely.” – Ofsted 2013 Report

We endeavour to have a positive impact on each and every child that walks through the doors of Windmill Hill Primary School, utilising proven initiatives like the much praised ‘Forest School’, we will continue to bring out the best qualities in our kids.