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About Our School Clubs

At Windmill Hill Primary School we strive to be as inclusive as possible in everything we do. We always bear this in mind when we are organising different clubs and activities for the children to take part in, as such a lot of our clubs are open to all of the pupils.

We try to host as many different types of clubs as we can, most of which are held after school hours. We do however hold a Breakfast Club every school day from 8:30 in the morning until school opens. The Breakfast Club not only offers a great way for kids to see their friends before the normal school day resumes, but it also comes in handy for parents and carers that start work at 9 o'clock.

It's a win win for the school too, as it not only gives the children a chance to prepare themselves mentally for the day ahead, but it also helps us to maintain a higher standard of punctuality from the pupils.

After School Clubs are run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, please see below for more details.

Music Club at Windmill Hill

Before School Club

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is on every weekday and allows parents the chance to drop their kids off at 8:30 in the morning. Kids can catch up with their friends and socialize before school starts.

Breakfast Club at Windmill Hill
  •     All Years.
  •     Starts at 8:30am.
  •     Ends at 9:00am.
  •     Every weekday.
  •     Toast, cereal and fresh fruit is prepared for the children.
  •     Children don't need to bring anything with them for Breakfast Club.
  •     Breakfast Club is completely FREE.

After School Clubs

Dance Club

Dance Club are a selected participation after school club. It starts at 3:00pm on Tuesdays and lasts for 1 hour, finishing at 4:00pm. The club are currently rehearsing for a performance at the Brindley theatre in March 2019.

Dance Club at Windmill Hill
  •     Years 2 and 6.
  •     Starts at 3:00pm.
  •     Ends at 4:00pm.
  •     Every Tuesday.
  •     No food is necessary.
  •     Children don't need to bring anything with them to Dance Club.
  •     Dance Club is completely FREE.

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