An Overview of Learning at Windmill Hill Primary School

Here is the National Curriculum information for all of the classes at Windmill Hill Primary School. If you’d like to take a look at the National Curriculum on the government website, please click the link below.

England Government website link - framework for key stages 1 to 4

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Guide

Learner Profile

Throughout their time at Windmill Hill Primary, we shall work with parents and carers to develop the following skills and attitudes to support the children through their lifelong journey of learning.

Curriculum Plans 2021-22

The Curriculum Plans may vary slightly throughout the year.

Curriculum Plans 2017-22 Archive

RE Curriculum Plans

RE Long Term Plan

   RE Long Term Plan

RE Overview and Key Questions

   RE Overview and Key Questions - YR - Y6


Phase Overview

   Phase 2

   Phase 3

   Phase 5a

   Phase 5b

   Phase 5c

Term Curriculum Updates 2016-22