School Meals

A Balanced Diet

A poor diet affects a child’s behaviour, mood and concentration levels. It has been proven that children with a diet that lacks the essential vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals tend to perform worse academically.

All of the meals at Windmill Hill Primary School are made on the premises by hand using fresh ingredients. The children have a choice of menu each day and the uptake at school is very high. Children may bring a packed lunch in a named lunchbox containing a healthy lunch. We request that packed lunches do not include fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate. We also provide snack each day at a cost of 30p a day. Snack consists of toast, yoghurt, crackers with cheese, fruit and milk or water to drink.

A healthy fruit salad

All children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal as part of the Government Universal Meals Scheme for health.  If you believe your child may be entitled to Free School Meals under the benefits related scheme, please check your eligibility on the website.

Our appointed school meals provider is Dolce Schools Catering.  They offer a varied menu and allow parents and pupils to pre-order from home or in the classroom using SchoolGrid, the online pre-ordering system.  Parents can see what is on offer throughout the whole term and can order their child’s meals either day by day or up to a full term in advance.  In order to create an account, parents/guardians must provide the School Office with their email address.  The office will set up the account and send the parent/guardian a password reset.  Parents/guardians will then be able to pre-order their child’s meals.

For convenience, parents/guardians can pay for their child’s meals through the SchoolGrid by credit or debit card.  Parents/Guardians will only ever pay for the meals their child has taken.  All meals must be paid for in advance.  A school meal costs £2.80 each day.  Parents/Guardians cannot pay for school meals at the School Office.