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The Governing Board of Windmill Hill

The Governing Board of Windmill Hill work, in partnership with the Headteacher, to develop and drive the strategic vision of the school. It has statutory duties that include, agreeing the school budget and expenditure and ensuring key policies are in place. Governors do not get involved with the day to day running of the school. Their role is that of a “critical friend” asking challenging questions and providing support. In order to be effective, Governors are expected to attend training and read all the relevant documentation. There are 3 full Governing Body meetings a year as well as 3 sub-committee meetings. These sub-committees are Curriculum, Finance and Buildings and Grounds.

At Windmill Hill Primary School we have the following sub-committees:

Buildings & Grounds:

The main purpose is to discuss health and safety; sustainability and maintenance of the learning environment and ensuring accessibility to key areas of the school grounds.


The key areas of focus are future planning and building; risk registration;  staffing and recruitment; legal compliance and general financial responsibilities.


The primary focus is to discuss and monitor all aspects of our school’s work on attainment and progress. Their goal is to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum that meets statutory requirements.

Chair of Governors Mr Michael Soetendal

Governors' Impact Statement 2019/2020

Since the start of Miss Newman’s first year as Headteacher, the Governors promised and continue to promise, full support in whatever way possible to ensure her continued professional development.

This is to ensure that our children continue to thrive and develop in the outstanding fashion that they have over these past years, in not only their educational development, but also personal development.

To ensure that school leadership is competent and effective and staff members are motivated and driven to give their very best to making a real difference to the children they care for and teach.

Year on year, we are happy to see continual improvements in all areas of children’s development. Reading, writing and maths standards continue to rise, attaining and often exceeding national averages with phonics standards and maths deserving of real praise.

These improvements come from tremendous hard work from both staff and pupils alike.

As Governors, we are committed to questioning and scrutinizing all areas of school procedures, regulations, results and general life so as to attain the very best from our staff and pupils alike. Governors and staff regularly attend meetings and training sessions to ensure they are abreast of new ideas and confident enough to deliver these standards.

Over the coming year and beyond, we will be focussing more towards reading standards and reading levels with new Ofsted guidelines and frameworks being more geared towards reading passions and development.

Over the past months, I have made a number of school visits to observe school life in depth. From Reception to Year 6, there is nothing short of exceptional standards, be it teaching and lesson quality to pupil standards and behaviour.

While we aim to attain great results and standards, Safeguarding is still our utmost priority. Everything we do revolves around the protection of our children and staff. Governors and staff regularly receive up to date training to ensure we can confidently cope with any issues that may occur. We aim to make this school as safe and also pleasurable/happy experience as we can for both staff and children.

During the year, we aim to look at giving pupils a bigger voice, listening to their ideas and views on how they feel they are being taught. We aim to push for more parent interaction. To give ideas to the school so we can help parents and students from things such as attendance to reading. Being a parent myself, I can understand some of the hardships some families face with regards School-Parent-Child interactions. Any suggestions are most welcome and will help made a difference.

While we have plenty to celebrate and be thankful for, we cannot allow complacency especially in the coming months where Brexit and politics will play a large part in education. As previously stated, Ofsted have changed criteria and policies in the way they evaluate schools. The previous ‘results’ driven system has been replaced with a process driven system which focuses on curriculum and how and what we do to achieve our goals and if our processes are effective. Which, given the level of work that goes into our teaching, will illustrate the hard work, effort and sacrifice that our teachers give daily.

Throughout my association with Windmill Hill Primary School, it has been both a pleasure and an honour and a privilege to be a Governor and see the great things that happen here. But also, to be a parent and see the amazing leaps in education and confidence made by my child.

Myself and the fellow Governing board will continue to liaise closely with Miss Newman and staff members and ensure we continue to reach for the stars.

Chair of Governors Mr Michael Soetendal

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