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The Governing Board of Windmill Hill

The Governing Board of Windmill Hill work, in partnership with the Headteacher, to develop and drive the strategic vision of the school. It has statutory duties that include, agreeing the school budget and expenditure and ensuring key policies are in place. Governors do not get involved with the day to day running of the school. Their role is that of a “critical friend” asking challenging questions and providing support. In order to be effective, Governors are expected to attend training and read all the relevant documentation. There are 3 full Governing Body meetings a year as well as 3 sub-committee meetings. These sub-committees are Curriculum, Finance and Buildings and Grounds.

At Windmill Hill Primary School we have the following sub-committees:

Buildings & Grounds:

The main purpose is to discuss health and safety; sustainability and maintenance of the learning environment and ensuring accessibility to key areas of the school grounds.


The key areas of focus are future planning and building; risk registration;  staffing and recruitment; legal compliance and general financial responsibilities.


The primary focus is to discuss and monitor all aspects of our school’s work on attainment and progress. Their goal is to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum that meets statutory requirements.

Governors' Impact Statement 2023/2024

I have the pleasure to celebrate the many achievements of the children, parents, staff and governors of Windmill Hill Primary School.


Every time I visit the school, I always get a warm welcome.  I can see from the children’s faces how they thoroughly enjoy every aspect of school life.  Not only do our children make outstanding progress in academic subjects, they leave our school ready and prepared for their journey ahead.


I am overwhelmed by the enriched curriculum offered to the children in Windmill Hill Primary School.  They have enjoyed adventurous activities at Pettypool Outdoor Centre, historical visits to local museums, taken part in local sporting events and even sung in a music festival.


Celebrations and achievements are also a big part of our school.  The children recognise that their efforts are rewarded in many ways.  These include end of term parties and fun days.


Following on from the pandemic, I am pleased that attendance has improved and strategies put in place by the school have had a huge impact.  At the end of each term, pupils with 100% attendance are invited to a party. Last academic year, this number increased each term.  Some children even managed 100% attendance for the whole year.


From working in the community, it makes me proud when I hear so many positive comments about our school and how staff go above and beyond their role to support the community – nothing is too much trouble!


I look forward to another successful year ahead and on behalf of the governing body, I would like to thank everybody for making our school outstanding.

Joint Chair of Governors Irene Bramwell

September 2023

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