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The Governing Board of Windmill Hill

The Governing Board of Windmill Hill work, in partnership with the Headteacher, to develop and drive the strategic vision of the school. It has statutory duties that include, agreeing the school budget and expenditure and ensuring key policies are in place. Governors do not get involved with the day to day running of the school. Their role is that of a “critical friend” asking challenging questions and providing support. In order to be effective, Governors are expected to attend training and read all the relevant documentation. There are 3 full Governing Body meetings a year as well as 3 sub-committee meetings. These sub-committees are Curriculum, Finance and Buildings and Grounds.

At Windmill Hill Primary School we have the following sub-committees:

Buildings & Grounds:

The main purpose is to discuss health and safety; sustainability and maintenance of the learning environment and ensuring accessibility to key areas of the school grounds.


The key areas of focus are future planning and building; risk registration;  staffing and recruitment; legal compliance and general financial responsibilities.


The primary focus is to discuss and monitor all aspects of our school’s work on attainment and progress. Their goal is to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum that meets statutory requirements.

Chair of Governors Ms Claire Pentin

Governors' Impact Statement 2021/2022

Over the course of the past year we have seen unprecedented times. Due to the Global pandemic, it has been easy to lose sight of a lot of things. However, one thing has remained constant – the dedication and focus of the staff at Windmill Hill Primary School.

Staff have worked tirelessly, through lockdowns and school holidays, putting their own health and safety, and families, at risk every day. They have adapted to the ever changing guidelines whilst maintaining a level of stability for the pupils. Throughout the lockdowns, school maintained contact with all the children and their families to ensure their wellbeing and to support the home learning. As the year progressed and online learning improved, a more structured form of learning became available through class platforms such as Dojo.

As a Governing board, our aim is to continue to work alongside the staff to ensure these standards are met, and where possible, exceeded. The major and continuing concern to Governors throughout this crisis, has always been the safety for all, both physically and mentally. We need to address the large gaps in children’s education, whilst also moving forward. For this to happen, pupils are supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff, all working together within a safe and supportive environment.

As parents ourselves, we appreciate the requirements of the school community to understand the effectiveness of leadership and management at school and how it affects the safety, learning and enjoyment of the children. In order to fulfil these requirements, we must continually improve and elevate ourselves and the role we play within school life through training and conversations with staff, pupils, families and the Senior Leadership Team.

Through this year’s online and face-to-face committee and governing board meetings, Governors scrutinise areas such as Safeguarding, financial management, staff recruitment and performance. This year it is extremely crucial to identify the gaps in education. We act as a critical friend where possible but always holding to account where needed.

All that we do at our school revolves around the protection of our children and staff. Safety is at the heart of all processes. We understand the unique and challenged circumstances faced by all stakeholders. Governors ensure staff are also both physically and mentally safe and at ease and have a good work/life balance in these unique times.

All Governors have received up-to-date comprehensive training to ensure confidence to cope with any issues that should arise. As always it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to support and work with this fabulous school.

Chair of Governors Mr Michael Soetendal

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