Documents to Download

Official Policy

All policies are reviewed annually and are updated to reflect any changes.

   Attendance Policy

   Behaviour Policy

   Low Level Concerns Policy

   Anti-Bullying Policy

   British Values

   CCTV Policy

   COVID 19 - Remote Learning during a pandemic - January 2021

   Critical Incident Policy

   Data Privacy Notice

   Data Privacy Notice - Child Friendly Version

   Data Retention Policy

   Data Security Policy

   E-Safety and Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

   Escalation Policy

   GDPR Policy

   Governors' Statement of Behaviour Principles

   Health and Safety Policy

   Induction of Early Career Teachers Policy

   Leave of Absence Policy

   Mobile Phone and Other Recording Device Policy

   Online Safety and Acceptable Use Policy

   Online Safety Rules for Children

   Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism

   Relationships and Health Education Policy (RSE)

   Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

   Child Protection Policy - Child Friendly Summary

   Child Protection Policy - Parent Friendly Summary

   Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum - January 2021

   Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum - March 2021

   Safeguarding Operation Encompass

   School Complaints Procedures - June 2021

   COVID 19 - Addendum to School Complaints Procedures - March 2021

   Supporting Pupils at School With Medical Conditions

   Uniform Policy

   Well-being Policy

   What to do if you are Worried a Child is Being Abused

   Whistleblowing Policy