Mr Lomas

Premises Manager

My Six Most Enjoyable Subjects

Watching Grandchildren play football
Watching Grandchildren in dance shows
Watching Liverpool FC
Dining out with Pat
Being there when people need you

About Me

Position: Premises Manager
Favourite Subject: Football
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Hobby: Food
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite Fruit: Oranges

What I Love Most About Windmill Hill Primary School

What I love most about Windmill Hill is the whole environment of the school, from the dedicated staff, to the happy cheerful children, it really is a magical place to learn!

My Superhero

My favourite superhero is my brother-in-law, because he’s married to my sister (for a long time!)

My superhero name would be Invisible Ian!

If I were a superhero, my super power would be invisibility.

Invisible Ian