Autumn Review 2018

Windmill Hill school – Autumn Review 2018

The Pop Project

The Pop Project visited our school to support and illustrate our work on British Values.

We covered areas of:
rule of law,
individual liberty,
mutual respect,
tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

We looked at the four countries of the UK, dressing up in national costumes.  We learned about the great Britons from Winston Churchill to J K Rowling. Most of all we enjoyed the live music featuring songs to emphasise the key message of tolerance and respect e.g. “Little help from my friends”, “Love train”, “We are family”.

Town Hall Awards

Katie Roberts was presented by the Mayor and Mayoress with the ‘Young Person of the Year’ award at the Town Hall in September.  This event was organised by the Big Local.

Safety Officers

Our new selected ‘Safety Officers’ attended the launch at the Select stadium. Throughout the year, they will organise events and competitions to ensure the pupils in our school know how to stay safe and protected.


As part of anti-bullying week, the pupils are preparing for our annual Talent Show. The children will showcase their diverse talents and demonstrate how we are all equal no matter how different.

School Trips

In our school, we aim to deliver a curriculum that is exciting and stimulating. First hand learning experiences can provide a broad and balanced curriculum.  Year 5 visited Select Stadium where author Andy Briggs talked to the children about how to become an author and shared extracts from his stories. Most of the children purchased one of his books and he took the time to personalize each one.

Knife Crime Awareness

Leah Jennerway, Youth Engagement PCSO, spoke to Y6 pupils about knife crime. The aim of the presentation was to raise awareness of knife crime, giving children ideas of what to do if they were placed in a situation they were not comfortable in and who they could tell. Throughout this the children were given clear messages on the risks and consequences of carrying a knife or being with someone who is.